Thermal Imaging 

Thermal imaging is one of the most powerful technologies ever developed to enhance human vision.

Human vision can be very limited so there are many applications where an enhanced viewing image is preferable. From x-rays to ultrasound to ultra violet light, none of these give the same vision as thermal imaging.


Thermal imaging is now being used in construction work including heating and cooling.  With this ‘magic’ piece of kit we can see if there are any leaks on a central heating system, this is particularly useful if pipes are buried under concrete or if you have underfloor heating. With underfloor heating we can diagnose if the flooring has been laid correctly, if there are leaks or air pockets which could be the reason why the underfloor heating is not working properly.


Why does my FLIR ONE have two cameras? 

Raw thermal images are beautiful, however, they don't provide too much physical detail. So the FLIR ONE blends both images using MSX Technology, providing physical detail to the raw thermal reading. With MSX Technology, the FLIR ONE captures what nothing else can.

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