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Before you can truly understand your energy usage month on month, year on year, you need to be able to measure it. Manage My Energy enables you to monitor and gain a clear understanding of how much you use and perhaps prevent unexpected energy charges. With this key information, decisions can be made based on actual real time information to help you understand and save money on your energy bills. We are thrilled to be able to specify the new user friendly energy management tool and demonstrate to you how it all works.

What can be measured when using this tool?

Our Measure My Energy MME software enables businesses and homeowners to monitor in REAL TIME:

  • Electricity use (detailed analysis both high level to individual appliance level) 
  • Gas use
  • Water use 
  • AND any onsite micro-generation (wind turbines and Solar PV)

 What are the benefits of using this tool?

With this key information, decisions can be made:-

  • Based on actual real time information
  • Easily integrated into the existing building infrastructure
  • Tangible cost / benefit analysis can be carried out
  • Payback on investment can easily be calculated
  • Easy to use cloud based portal 
  • Understand where your energy spend goes

Winter Challenge!

Try the MME software for 10 days and Energie Solutions will guarantee to identify at least 10% savings on your utility consumption or your money back* For a free demonstration to see how the software works or to arrange a detailed survey please contact us or call our dedicated team of experts on 01206 396901.

*Terms and conditions apply


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