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Before you can truly understand your energy usage month on month, year on year, you need to be able to measure it. Manage My Energy enables you to monitor and gain a clear understanding of how much you use and perhaps prevent unexpected energy charges. With this key information, decisions can be made based on actual real time information to help you understand and save money on your energy bills. We are thrilled to be able to specify the new user friendly energy management tool and demonstrate to you how it all works.

What can be measured when using this tool?

Through the use of an existing broadband connection and existing clamp on CT (Current Transformer Clamp) sensors, a number of electrical circuits can be monitored storing real time data which can be accessed from any existing PC, smart phone or tablet. 

Through the installation of additional sensors all site utilities including electricity, gas, water and even solar generation giving the total energy picture in one place. MME also monitors the CO2 levels of the site and tracks the data historically to comply with forthcoming legislation requirements.

Knowing and understanding what power you are consuming in real-time helps you to change your behaviour and habits that will result in energy savings. Research shows simple positive behavioural changes can save up to 10% of electricity costs. 

For a free demonstration to see how the software works or to arrange a detailed survey please contact us or call our dedicated team of experts on 01206 396901

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